The Nexus MultiMedia

Our Flagship Virtual Tour Platform for Events and Meeting Spaces

Kahala Hotel and Resort Meeting Spaces

The Nexus MultiMedia Virtual Tour Platform offers a streamlined intuitive design for all types of large event and meeting spaces that want to show their event and rental space in the best possible light.  We incorporate our award winning 360˚ degree photography with a mobile-ready, elegant interface that makes virtual tour navigation a breeze. Smart design elements can display features when you need them or hide them when you don’t. We can layer in your existing marketing and multimedia elements right into the flow of an existing tour with hotspots.

Scroll below to learn more about features or see virtual tour examples here.

A few features we can build into our 360 tours (click to learn more):

What is unique to your event space?…

Many facilities like yours have something that is unique to them.  What if you could get every prospect into a controlled “behind the scenes” tour of your facilities or event, just like they were there?  That could substantially shorten your sales cycle.

The client’s experience begins when they first visit your website to see if you are a good fit. So, the task is simple. SHOWCASE those facilities to the potential buyers of your products.  They want to see inside the process before they decide to buy.

  • Increase prospect visits by showing off the space or event to its best
  • Speed up sales conversations by putting specifications and configurations right inside the tour using our hotspots
  • Spotlight the brand of your space by showing the experiences your facilities can offer in 360 degrees
  • Show individual sections of the facility using our deep links to direct viewers directly to what they need to see immediately.
  • Our tours include Analytics to be Metrics friendly
  • Show a Highly Visual Content specific to your campus
  • Incorporate a Social Media Component for cross promotions
  • We use a Modular Approach to build our tours – Add more later as other facilities come online, or newer events take place.
  • Leverage technology to bring users a step closer to a live-visit experience

We don’t believe in a complicated design that has every feature and the kitchen sink thrown into it, and just can’t truly match your existing site design.  Viewers want fantastic 360 imagery and intuitive navigation elements, not an overwhelming amount of bells and whistles.

Interactive Hotspots add depth to your story.

Interactive HotspotsHotspots can be used to display any types of existing content such as:
• Text Only
• Videos
• Still Photos
• Photo Galleries
• Navigation
• Social media feeds – all from right from within the pano image. Very useful for pointing intricate features of your environment, and keeping updated event oriented details displayed.
are key to our layering of information.  You already have many multimedia elements – great still photos, awesome videos, social media elements.  Let us incorporate those in context right into the tour.  Add your “Welcome to Campus from the President” video into the “Main Quad” 360, or have us shoot a 360 image in your cafeteria, add in a live data hotspot to show your “always updating” menu.



With over 19 years experience in creating 360º tours, we are the most experienced virtual tour provider in the country.

A Few Selected Example Tours

Ford Automotive at EAA AirVenture 2015 Virtual TourFord Automotive at EAA AirVenture 2015

See this Tour

Mannington Flooring Trade Show Booth Virtual ToursMannington Flooring
at Surfaces 2016

See this Tour | Project Details

Austin Convention Center Virtual TourThe Austin Convention Center

See this Tour | Project Details

The Hobby Center Virtual TourThe Hobby Center for Performing Arts

See this Tour

Seaside Convention Center Virtual TourSeaside, Oregon Convention Center

See this Tour | Project Details


There is no other feature that can increase your traffic to the tour than deep links if used properly.  Our system allows you to incorporate links throughout your site to open the tour directly to ANY 360 as the start image.  We provide instructions for incorporating that on your individual web pages.

The links below show 3 points of entry into the exact same tour.

And the best part… this feature is free!  Built right into all our tours.  Who knew, right!?

Floor plan or Map Feature

Floor Plan or Map

With your provided artwork, we can then add navigation elements to a map or floor plan.  The final graphic can be used inside the tour window to seamlessly flow from one 360 image to another. We can quote additional graphic services for creation of artwork.


Social Media Integration

Our tours can integrate several ways into your social media:

Add a Video Montage

Any Nexus virtual tour can also be converted into a video montage. Using the stunning 360˚ photography from an existing Nexus virtual tour, we compile the images into a self running HD video. The video montage can be used in business presentations, at the lobby of your facilities, on your website or video channel, at trade shows, and more.

A Video Montage may include a number of design features:

  • 360˚ images in video format
  • Well timed pacing between shots
  • Full panoramic images
  • Audio files from existing tours
  • Text titles of features within the montage
  • Still images
  • Voiceover recording
  • Coming soon – a headset based 360 video conversion!


What’s all the rage these days?

Well it turns out that it is a facemask into a whole other world – your world!

Did you ever go snorkeling?  Strap on your face mask and there’s quite a lot happening down there in that world, right?  Well, you have a lot of cool stuff to show too. Let us create an advanced VR Headset experience that shows off your world in today’s new facemask.

Well, go on and have a look at some examples!