Oct 23, 2016

7 ways to increase web traffic with a virtual tour

written by Carrington Weems
in category Virtual Tour

An online virtual tour can engage visitors better than plain text or images. We’d like to show you how our clients are using online virtual tours to grow their business. Read our list of creative ways to use embedded links and hotspots to increase web traffic and web conversion with your virtual tour.

1. Healthcare Facilities

p-Cleveland-ClinicOften the best way to communicate the benefits of your hospital or healthcare facility is through a walking tour, and yet it can be difficult to have in-person tours for a number of reasons. Patients may not be ambulatory or in a condition for a walking tour, portions of your hospital may be off-limits during certain hours, and public health concerns may limit access to many areas of your facilities. A virtual tour avoids such concerns, providing web visitors an online, self-paced, intuitive interface. Embedded links within the virtual tour can provide further information directly within the images, without cluttering pages with text or confusing navigation. See a great example from The Cleveland Clinic.

2. Universities

OU Virtual Campus Tour-featuredWith a virtual tour of your university, prospective students and athletes get an experience similar to being there, regardless of weather, crowds or travel constraints. Virtually Anywhere creates virtual tours for any size school to provide prospective students an immersive experience of campus life. Boring photo galleries can all look the same to a prospective student looking at several colleges at once. Our comprehensive 360 degree virtual tours make your campus stand out, showcasing all aspects of campus living and linking to online departmental presentations. These beautiful tours can also highlight athletics programs and facilities for various recruiting needs. See a great example from the University of Oklahoma.

3. Government Facilities

US Capitol Virtual TourImportant government buildings can be viewed in exquisite detail prior to an in-person visit. A virtual tour allows web visitors to take as long as they like, viewing 360 degree images and exploring links to presentations, video and other online information. Virtual tours of government building always show the facilities in the best light, regardless of construction, weather or crowds. See a great example of the US Capitol virtual tour.

4. Factories

DaimlerGetting prospective clients or partners to your facilities in person is not always possible. Construction or expansion may prevent you from showing your facilities in the best light. A self-paced, online virtual tour is able to reach anyone with a computer or smart phone, through a medium that allows you to control all the variables and linked information. Factory virtual tours are an attractive alternative to corporate videos and Power Point presentations, allowing 360 degree rotatable views and embedded links to endless information. Our factory virtual tours are often proven to be the most widely used content on our clients’ websites. See a great example from Daimler.

5. Tradeshows & Conventions

p-ManningtonWhen a significant portion of your budget is spent on a 1-week tradeshow, doesn’t it make sense to capture the experience for online use for the rest of the year? Turn your tradeshow booth into an online sales machine for the remainder of the year. Apply the virtual tour concept to your next tradeshow, with our BoothView 360 package. Show off products, link to presentations, sell merchandise, or continue a promotion beyond the show. See how Mannington immortalized their tradeshow booth.

6. Museums

Museum Highlights Virtual TourVirtually Anywhere creates museum virtual tours for an online, immersive experience that is unparalleled in the industry. With most consumers now using the web as their first source of information in making decisions about travel and entertainment, it has never been more important to provide a realistic online perspective of your museum, resort or other facilities. Virtually Anywhere creates virtual tours for Museums, Hotels, Resorts, Spas, Convention Centers, Rental Properties and other tourist destinations. See several examples of our museum tours.

7. Spas and Resorts

p-KahalaAn online virtual tour is more than just pretty pictures. Unlike simple photography, a 360-degree virtual tour brings your resort to life, even when certain areas may be under development or inaccessible. Embedded hotspots provide links directly within the virtual tour images, encouraging online visitors to explore and discover further information. Virtual tours can also be used for orientation during guest check-in to show important areas and unique features a guest may see during a stay. See great resort and spa virtual tour examples.