Oct 25, 2018

Restarting The Blog

written by Carrington Weems
in category Photography, Travel

I am not much of a blogger, that is to say the least.  Really not much of a writer at all, sorry!  I have always relied on my skills as a professional photographer for 35 years.

Chico Skyline from the AirOriginally this blog was setup for SEO reasons by a marketing consultant that I had hired.  He suggested this would add traffic to my site and all that.  It was daunting for me to consider how interesting it would ever be to the world information about my week to week jobs.  I felt kinda like that was akin to how everyone posts so much stuff on facebook about heir kids, eating bowls of baby food, and playing with their pets, etc.  Super interesting to themselves, but maybe not to the world.

But recently I have realized that I have a dream job and maybe some of you could gain knowledge from my past experiences as a travel based 360 virtual tour photographer with some interesting 360 photo stuff, and maybe some travel tips that I can offer with over 4 million miles on American among others.  So, I hope to keep it relevant and interesting.  And maybe I can keep myself busy while traveling instead of seeking out the best foods around!  (But more on that later!)

So that is it for this post, but please check back soon as I will have some more to say about my Tales from Virtually Anywhere!  Now I have to catch my flight home…