of working with
Virtually Anywhere

Explore the benefits of working with Virtually Anywhere versus working with a 360° virtual tour provider that has less experience.  We have been creating commercial grade, high impact 360° virtual tours for 2 decades now.

Overall Quality:

Carrington “Canny” Weems and Virtually Anywhere show off your facilites, brand and culture in the best light possible. 

First impressions are everything:
Your virtual visitors will have a tremendous, memorable first impression of your facilities, culture and brand. What is that worth? More customers!
Top executives & donors will be impressed:
No worry of being second-guessed on your decision to hire Canny and Virtually Anywhere. In fact, once the tour is live, you can expect a request from top executives to show the tour at an industry conference, donor event, etc. — it happens all the time!
Employees will be proud & more productive:
Many employees will use the tour in some way and all will be proud with how their company is represented “virtually.” A Virtually Anywhere virtual tour is a great tool for employee retention and recruiting.

360° Image Content:

Canny Weems is an industry leader in 360° photography. His 1st person, action shots are powerfully engaging.

Want your hard earned website traffic to stay longer?
Make it easy for them jump into a 1st person, high impact virtual experience of what it’s like to be your patient.
Looking for more Facebook content & engagement?
Use the individual 360° images from your tour for Facebook 360 Photos content and see engagement jump while your content effort drops.
Confused about how to leverage 360° images on your Google search result page?
Canny is a Certified Google Photographer and we’ll help you navigate how to best utilize your 360° images on Google’s interface. And, we’ll do the work you!


Working with Canny Weems and Virtually Anywhere is a breeze.

There is no risk in hiring Canny Weems:
…to consult on your shot list, direct your shoot and produce a tour that exceeds expectations. Canny has experience directing and producing 100’s of different environments and locations. He will hand hold you through the process to ensure an on-time, on budget, high quality outcome!
Integrating our tours on your website is easy:
…as simple as adding hyperlinks. We offer full support to you and your web team including examples, graphics and even code for more involved applications such as a Fancy Box or iFrame integration. This might be the easiest web initiative ever undertaken by your team
Virtually Anywhere handles all hosting & platform updates:
There is no on-going effort needed by you or your web team to ensure the best possible virtual visit is continually delivered.


Virtually Anywhere’s platform is fully responsive and website agnostic.

Your web team will thank you for choosing our virtual tour solution.
No special software, storage space or expertise required by your web team. Virtual Visitors will have the same quality experience on mobile, tablet and desktop with our platform, regardless your content management system.
We deliver increased results from your previous marketing spend which improves your marketing budget ROI.
We offer many optional features to help you tell your story. You can leverage your investment in existing media by featuring assets within the virtual tour such as existing videos, web pages, still photography, white papers, etc.