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Booth photography for Ad Agencies is an important way to archive all your hard work building a client’s brand. Yet, how often to you remind clients to hire a photographer for a trade show? Sure, the selfies and smart phone snapshots appear on social media, but what about the higher-quality assets you could use for public relations or web marketing? And once a live event is over, the opportunity vanishes.

Nothing epitomizes such a time-limited opportunity more than a trade show. Your client spends a large part of their marketing budget to design, build, store and ship a booth exhibit. In addition, they spend even more money getting products, equipment, and personnel to the trade show. Add in a new product launch, a live demonstration, sponsorships, presentations and other meetings, and your client has a lot riding on each trade show. Then, in 5 days, the event is over, and the opportunity has passed. What if you and your clients could extend the live trade show for the remaining 360 days of the year?

Introducing the BoothView 360 platform from Virtually Anywhere

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Use our patent-pending digital booth capture technology to reflect the in-person experience of the booth in its natural habitat – at the live trade show. BoothView 360 is booth photography for ad agencies, but the platform offers so much more than simple photography. It is an innovative marketing tool that brings a trade show booth to life, being designed to integrate with any other digital marketing materials. With 360-degree navigation and embedded dynamic hotspots, visitors experience a virtual booth tour allowing them to rotate, click and discover any digital content you wish to share, right within the rotatable image on screen.

Good For Your Portfolio

As an example of how the BoothView 360 tour provides booth photography for ad agencies, imagine a prospective client visiting your website, rotating an image of your biggest client’s booth to see the surrounding trade show floor, attendees talking with company reps or product demonstrations in action. Not only can visitors experience the power of your messaging within the booth, but clicking an icon within the tour could open to an existing page about your creative process. Perhaps the page could be a short case study on this client, their goals and how you successfully built a brand for them. Rotating to another perspective of the interactive tour, another icon allows the viewer to ‘See Our Client Portfolio’ or ‘Meet Our Account Executives.’ Each link within a Boothview 360 tour connects to other existing digital content within your website.

Good For Your Clients

Of course, the same tour used to promote your agency can do even more to promote your client’s business. Think of an online visitor being welcomed into the interactive tour with a ‘See Our Product Demo’ icon floating next to a product image. Clicking on the icon opens a pop-up window showing a product video. Rotating to view another part of the booth, another icon invites the visitor to ‘Visit Our Online Store’ where products can be purchased through the client’s e-commerce site. For visitors wanting to learn more, a ‘Contact Us’ icon at the front kiosk opens a web form to capture name, number and email.

Good For Your Income

We know that when your clients look good, you look good. And when you use BoothView 360, welook good. As an incentive for Ad Agencies to recommend this amazing marketing tool to their clients, we offer a commission-based partnership structure for client referrals. When you refer a client to us and they incorporate BoothView 360 into their post-show marketing efforts, we pay you a commission. Add value to your client’s business and get paid by us! Learn More

Leverage this powerful new marketing tool to add pizzazz to websites, social media, online newsletters, email blasts, landing pages, web banners, blogs, videos, even press releases.


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a few selected BoothView 360 examples

Mannington Trade Show Booth Virtual TourMannington Flooring

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Show Owners or Organizers:

Our BoothView 360 business model is designed to make you money, and to offer this powerful digital sales tool to your exhibitors. Learn how to unlock new exhibitor and sponsorship revenues.

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BoothView 360 for
Show Owners and Organizers

You’ve created a valuable business venue for hundreds or thousands of exhibitors, but the event is over after only about 5 days. Where do those exhibitors go for the next 360 days?

  • What if you could extend your show’s experience to fill that dark period until next year’s event?
  • What if exhibitors were happy to use a tool that promoted your event year-round?
  • What if you had a new, high-tech offering to sell to sponsors?
  • What if an entirely new marketing channel could set your event apart from others?

Introducing the BoothView 360 platform and the Virtual Exhibit Hall from Virtually Anywhere. Leverage our turnkey patent-pending digital booth capture technology to set your event apart, to extend the life of your event, and to unlock new exhibitor and sponsorship revenues.

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Pricing and Package Details:

Multiple package sizes and options are available for each show to accommodate various sized booths. Each show is different, and configurations will be structured to meet individual needs for Show Organizers and their Exhibitors.


Turn youru00a0next trade show booth into an online, year-round selling machine,u00a0Contact Us Directlyu00a0andu00a0tell your Show Organizer about BoothView 360.


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