St. David’s Medical Center | Virtual Tour

Client Development Page

Use the Content Checklist (tab above) to keep track of what we will need from you to build out the tour. And be sure to see a sample of what we can do with the hotspots too.

Content Checklist:

Use the list below to help organize the additional content we will need to finish building out your tour:
  • Text for Welcome Screen - This normally shows first once the tour is opened and can include a logo or small image that you can supply. Our usual setting is to show it on the "first load", but have that reset on a 1 day basis. It can be accessed again from the help "?" icon in upper left.
  • Caption Text for each 360 image - We recommend to keep this short.  30-60 words is best, but it can handle as much as you need. We can open the tour with the caption open or closed, you can use caption icon in upper right to toggle.
  • Official Titles for each 360 image - We can have a formal full title that always shows in upper middle, and a shorted "alternate" title that shows on bottom thumbnails.
  • Order of the images - Left to Right order of navigation icons in bottom of tour.
  • Audio - If you are supplying audio, please provide as a .wav file - one for each 360 image, named the same as the image name.
  • Map or Floor plan - If you are using an interactive map or floorplan, please provide a layered photoshop file with indicators as to what goes where.  Best size is 875 pixels wide by approximately 500-600 pixels tall.
  • Instructions for Hotspots - See list below (at right) for more on the hotspot functionality.

Hotspot Functionality:

The hotspots are a way to embed more detailed information right inside a 360 image.  We can program the hotspots to do many things such as:

– all from right from within the pano image. Very useful for pointing intricate features of your environment, and keeping updated event oriented details displayed.

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