E-Learning with 360 Virtual Tours
for Training and Gamification

Immersive 360 virtual e-learning environments for enhanced engagement

E-Learning and Training in 360° Virtual Tours

You have a unique environment to show…

Almost every business has an environment that has particular aspects that really need to convey.  What better way to build engagement than providing the key facts, then testing on retention.  Use our award winning virtual tour platform to do just that.

Interactive Hotspots add depth to your story.

Hotspots can be used to display any types of existing content such as:

  • Text annotations
  • Informative videos
  • PDFs and Brochures
  • Still Photos for detail
  • Photo Galleries
  • Navigation
  • Live social media feeds

– all from right from within a 360° panoramic image. Very useful for pointing intricate features of your environment, and keeping updated event oriented details displayed.” Interactive Hotspots are key to how we layer of information. Let us incorporate your existing media elements in context right into the tour, then create quiz questions on that content.


Features to enhance the experience:

Audio Wave

Great Content for Social Media

Use this content to bolster your social media content.  Provide your public community with a fun way to explore your facilities.

VR Training and E-Learning Coming Soon

We are hoping to launch tools for interactive headset based VR training and E-Learning very soon.  In the meantime, the current offering is compatible on all modern devices running ins a standard web browser.