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Virtually Anywhere specializes in hospital virtual tours, creating online experiences for patients, family members and employees. Often the best way to communicate the benefits of your hospital is through a walking tour, and yet it can be difficult to have in-person tours for a number of reasons. Patients may not be ambulatory or in a condition for a walking tour, portions of your hospital may be off-limits during certain hours, and public health concerns may limit access to many areas of your facilities. Our tour experiences avoid such concerns, putting your facilities in the hands of visitors through an online, self-paced, intuitive interface.

An online virtual tour always represents your hospital in the best light, even when certain areas may be under development or inaccessible. Areas such as surgery rooms and intensive care units that would not typically be available for in-person tours can be viewed through a virtual tour. Embedded links within the virtual tour can provide further information directly within the images, without cluttering pages with text or confusing navigation. Our virtual tours are used for orientation during patient check-in procedures to show important areas such as patient rooms, waiting areas, cafeterias or other features a patient or family may see during a hospital stay.


With over 25 years of specialization in 360 virtual tours, Virtually Anywhere is the leading producer of virtual tours in the healthcare industry.

Creating a virtual tour of hospitals involves high-end 360-degree digital photography, software programming and professional know-how to reflect the feeling of actually being there. Virtually Anywhere has spent more than a decade producing industry-leading hospital virtual tours, and brings to bear everything we have learned into each new project. If you are looking for a hospital virtual tour company to create a powerful, online virtual tour of your facilities, look no further than Virtually Anywhere.

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