The Nexus MultiMedia
Virtual Tour Platform

Only Pay for What You Need

What the scope of your project?

To determine pricing, we need to know what your project entails.  We start with a base tour including 8 360° scenes for around then can add more scenes and features to that per what you feel is best for your needs.  We can certainly guide you to what is the most efficient way to tell your story within our platform.

See below to understand how our added features can add more information and immersion to your tour.

Features Included
with All Our Tours

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ADA Compliant
We now program in 2 distinct programming platforms, and are proud to report that we have recently made one of our tour platforms compliant with WCAG 2.0AA and Section 508 accessibility standards and guidelines.  An independent 3rd party evaluation and “VPAT” certificate is available upon request.
Responsive Design
Our tours have been designed to be responsive on all devices since before it was "cool" to be that way.  Now it is imperative and our platform provides that.
Google Analytics Reporting
We provide monthly reporting of your traffic to the virtual tour including all 360° images view AND even hotspot interactions.  View this Sample Analytics Report to understand the data we can provide by default from the tour interactions.
Deep Linking
There is no other feature that can increase your traffic to the tour than deep links if used properly.  Our system allows you to incorporate links throughout your site to open the tour directly to ANY 360 as the start image.  We provide instructions for incorporating that onto your individual web pages.

These 3 examples point to the same tour, but open at 3 different spots:
Library  |  Stadium  |  Graduation

Reliable Tour Hosting
Our hosting is provided through Amazon Web Services EC2 servers (AWS) and managed by Virtually Anywhere.  AWS EC2 claims a 99.99% uptime.

Optional Paid
Add-On Features

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Additional 360° Images
$325 each. - shot at same time as original shoot.

Add additional 360° images over the bundle allotment to fill out your shot list.

Add Some Hotspots
$50 each. - can be added anytime

These can be added right into the 360° images to incorporate your existing media assets, and provide a deeper level of informational detail to your viewers.  See this Hotspot Demo Tour to understand all the ways we can add interactivity to the tour.

Lifestyle and People Oriented 360 Photography
Call to Discuss Pricing Options 

Most of our tours will not feature people, however in some cases we can have a photographer shoot in a style that puts people into a starring role using a 1st person vantage point.  This is a more complex way to shoot 360 photography, but can certainly have your tour stand out.  Feel free to ask for a demo of the differences.

Interactive Floor Plan / Map

With your provided artwork, we can then add navigation elements to a campus map.  The final graphic can be used inside the tour window to seamlessly flow from one 360 image to another. We can quote additional graphic services for creation of artwork.

Call to Discuss Pricing Options 
This adds polish to the entire presentation.

  • We can program your provided sound files right into the tour for free.
  • We can also produce professional custom voice overs for you if you prefer.  Just ask us for a quote.  Cost varies based on script length and talent chosen.
Video Montage
Call to Discuss Pricing Options 

Any Nexus virtual tour can also be converted into a video montage. Using the stunning 360˚ photography from an existing Nexus virtual tour, we compile the images into a self running HD video. The video montage can be used in business presentations, at the lobby of your facilities, on your website or video channel, in your social media posts, at trade shows, and more.

3 examples of Video Montages:
Mercy  |  Cadence  |  Rice BRC