Immersive Marketing
for an Immersive Event Space
- Illuminarium

Step Inside of Illuminarium - Las Vegas

A 360º video virtual tour takes event planners everywhere you need them to see.

The tour we built for Illuminarium blends our traditional photographic Virtual Tours with 360 Full Motion Video to compliment their immersive marketing plan. Showing their immersive rooms while displaying the movement of videos playing across the room gives their potential customers a better idea of what their space has to offer, whether it’s for a wedding, product launch, or a networking event.

Watch their space go from a shibuya night market to the jungle then the farthest depths of the universe within our advanced platform. Other features this tour utilizes include our interactive floor plan and an integrated contact form.

Immersive Marketing at it’s peak!

Event space virtual tours showcase your facilities’s different technical offerings whether audio or visual, room configurations, and  amenities. Layering high quality 360 imagery with our different add on features, such as hotspots, creates an experience that your audience can envision themselves being a part of! Expand your audience from local companies or gatherings, to people coming to your city as a group trip or vacation.