An Immersive 3D Brand Experience

The Atalanta Experience

Virtually Anywhere Builds Awareness
With This Thematic Virtual 3D Brand Experience.

Imagine a large specialty foods importer needing to show some of their multiple brands in context. The products consist of mostly meats, cheeses, specialty oils — that kind of thing. 

Atalanta Foods approached us for doing a virtual booth, but we suggested for them to imagine a brand experience design inside a European street scene where their viewers could browse different storefronts that represent their various imported brands.  AND to provide an intuitive way to interact with each brands’ products.  We turned that into a reality and it has been quite successful for them, even well after the pandemic.

Tour Technical Details:
  • Over 50 Separate Brand Experiences Represented
  • 16 3D Custom Storefronts
  • Dozens of clickable hotspots to show the respective brand’s marketing assets
  • Many instructional videos playing in the street on kiosks
  • Built-in “request for information” (RFI) forms

…A product showcase in a thematic environment that is
familiar to their client base…

Virtually Anywhere Interactive is a virtual tour company with more than a decade of experience creating engaging, interactive experiences for online visitors, and we were excited to branch out to create new environments that showcase our client’s products in the context of how they are used.

Our background of 3 decades of professional photography, over 2 decade specializing in 360 photography, allowed us to work in a familiar format, but with imagery that just could not easily be created to shoot live.  And this allows us to go back and make edits to the environment for the client resulting in a brand experience design in a thematic environment that is familiar to their client base.