Industrial Virtual Tours
for Community Engagement

Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority

View An Example of a LCSWMA Virtual Tour

360 Virtual Facility Tours as
a Community Educational Tool.

Project Technical Details:
  • 4 Separate Nexus MultiMedia Virtual Tours
  • Drone 360s and videos
  • Personal Explainer Guide Videos (supplied by client)
  • Various hotspots showing program details

Our industrial virtual tours showcase your facilities, and they can also be used as an educational tool for your customers, potential clients, and the surrounding community.

Within our interface, The Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA) wanted to take residents of central Pennsylvania inside 4 of their facilities each with different purposes as it relates to waste management.

Throughout the tour there are educational videos explaining processes such as how waste is combusted, how waste is transferred, what it’s like to be an employee at LCSWMA, what goes on in the Control Room, and so much more. Using our Hotspots they were able to integrate these educational videos, photos, and brochures as you move through the different areas within their virtual tours. Paired with our 360 photography, their community can get in depth knowledge about what happens to their trash and the processes that unfold.

To create a welcoming presence in each of their 4 facilities they had one of their employees, act as a “guide”. They provided videos that kick off the tour and are embedded in each area which have the guide explain exactly what is going on in that space. To start each tour the guide explains how to navigate each of the different features and the tour itself. LCSWMA went above and beyond to utilize the tools we are able to provide with our 360 industrial virtual tours to create an immersive, educational experience for the community they work in service for.

4 Separate Industrial Virtual Tours: