Innovative Sales Tools Using VR

For WOW Media Video Billboards

Virtually Anywhere Builds an Innovative Sales Tool with A Virtual Product Showroom As Big As The City of Inglewood, CA.

WOW Media came to us looking for an innovative sales tool to help sell their video billboard portfolio on their website. After brainstorming a couple different approaches to their project we decided to focus on a billboard sales presentation that included a combination of drone photography and aerial 360s to take their customers directly to the billboards they would purchase ad space on.  

This new sales tool helps WOW Media show their customers where their billboards are in the city of LA and Inglewood, the impressions they get, and how exactly their ads will look in front of their target audience, all of this within an interactive and immersive experience.

Tour Technical Details:
  • 21 Billboards in Portfolio
  • Landmark orientation in videos and 360s
  • Deep Linking allows start at any location
  • Drone 360s and fly in content
  • Hotspot callouts that add important context for area landmarks.

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Each of our clients have a unique story they need to tell. Whether its a 3 million sq ft. manufacturing plant or billboards scattered across LA, our personalized process makes any project tackleable. We will work with you and your team to create an immersive and engaging experience that reflects your brand or showcases your facilities in it’s best light.