The Kahala
Hotel and Resort

one of Hawaii’s most elegant luxury resorts

Visit this elegant 5 star resort located on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

Experience The Kahala Hotel and Resort

The Kahala Hotel and Resort is one of Hawaii’s most elegant luxury resorts going back to the early 1960’s. Classic styling and a remote location make this 5 star hotel particularly well suited for celebrities and heads of state to visit thru the years. The Kahala wanted to showcase a new renovation that displays their room configurations, public areas, several formal and less formal eating establishments, beach an natural layouts, as well as their ballrooms, meeting areas, and wedding specific facilities. This combinations creates a perfect sales presentation for meeting and wedding planers, as well as general consumers wanting to decide what their accommodations could be. Stunning 360 views in and around the grounds frame this beautiful beachfront property.

The tour includes rooms, suites, restaurants, a world class spa, health and fitness center, even a private lagoon where you can swim with the dolphins.

Tour Technical Details:
  • Nexus MultiMedia Tour
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  • Interactive Campus Map

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