Mannington Floors

Digital Marketing with a Virtual Booth

Mannington Mills Increases Their Trade Show ROI with Interactive, 360 Degree Trade Show Booth Photography Creating an Innovative, Year-Around Digital Marketing Asset!

Betsy Amoroso, Senior Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications, selected Virtually Anywhere Interactive to produce a high-impact, digital marketing and sales tool that would show off their new product line. Mannington was committing big dollars on their annual product roll-out, including a 9,000 square foot trade show booth at the Surfaces Show in Las Vegas. Betsy was looking for a way to leverage the substantial investment in their booth display beyond the few days of the trade show. To her delight she discovered BoothView360 by Virtually Anywhere Interactive.

BoothView360 is a 24×7, year-around virtual booth and digital marketing asset that companies can use to increase their trade show ROI. Using interactive, 360 degree booth photography and state-of-the-art virtual booth software, Virtually Anywhere Interactive is breaking new ground in experiential digital marketing.