virtual tour at idyllic Oregon Coast

Seaside Civic and Convention Center

from the Mezzanine
The Necanium Room
Seaside Beach
Built-In Interactive Map

Flexible 360º convention center tour presentation aimed to show convention organizers various configuration options, and to show off idyllic Oregon Coast town setting.

The Seaside Civic and Convention Center needed a concise and compact, yet dynamic way to showcase a convention center tour for convention groups to see various configurations available within various their meeting spaces and exhibit halls.  But they also wanted to highlight aspects of this small ocean town as a part of the draw to attract more shows and trade-shows. Square footage and table seating calculations are displayed as a “right there” aid for sales personnel while “showing the space”. Embedded hotspots all thru the presentation show rooms in different set-ups, with testimonial videos, equipment lists, business services and more – with a single click.

Tour Details:
  • Nexus MultiMedia Tour package
  • Extensive use of hotspots to display room configurations, equipment lists, testimonial videos, and more.
  • 6 Additional 360º Images
  • Interactive Floor Plan based map provides graphical navigation system
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