United States Capitol 360 Virtual Tours

The Architect of The Capitol

Stunning 360 Images from our Nation’s Capitol Building, Support Buildings, and Grounds.

The Architect of the Capitol (AOC) asked Virtually Anywhere to create a complete United States Capitol virtual tour to include all other buildings and areas around the US Capitol that the AOC controls, as well as the many facets of the Capitol Grounds.

This United States Capitol 360 virtual tour allows people from anywhere to tour these significant and historic buildings online. Extensive embedded hotspots within the capital tour provide links to existing photos, deepening the historic experience to include the important paintings, sculptures, monuments, and architectural design elements all throughout the Capitol complex. Virtually Anywhere captured 360 degree photography in spectacular areas such as the Capitol Rotunda, National Statuary Hall, Library of Congress, many important Congressional caucus rooms, and so much more.

One of our greatest challenges with this capitol tour was keeping up with the vast amount of historical data included in each view. This historical depth affected not only captions for each area, but also intricate use of hotspots allowing viewers to click on artworks to find their origins, authors, and brief historical significances all through the tours. The resulting virtual capitol tour shows all people across the globe the majesty of these spaces, and also help in the preservation of that unique history.

United States Capitol 360 Virtual Tour - National Garden Fountains

National Garden – Fountains

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