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for Exceptional Sales Presentations

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360 Virtual Lab Tours as
a VIP, Investor, or Vendor Sales Tool.

Frontage labs hired us to capture their locations across the country including in Pennsylvania and California. This 360 virtual lab tour acts as a sales tool displays their space to potential business partners to better understand their labs equipment and capabilities.

Be sure to click on Hotspots while you walk through the lab bays at Frontage Lab’s newest location in Hayward, CA. This unique look at their facilities showcases their processing capabilities, their range of equipment, and clean amenities to support their bioanalytic and biologistic projects.

Utilizing our lab virtual tours’ featured tools such as the interactive floor plan will give you the full context of their space and layout as you go to each different location along this plant tour.

Project Technical Details:
  • Separate National Campuses Captured
  • 360 Images of Entire Labs
  • Clickable Hotspots for Detailed Information on Critical Equipment

Our lab tours tours showcase your facilities, and they can also be used as an educational tool for your customers, potential clients, and other VIPs.