An Outstanding 360 Virtual Tradeshow Booth

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“Your Next Trade Show Might Require A Virtual Tradeshow Booth”

We can take a product as simple as business checks and create an interactive experience that not only showcases that product but also their brand as a whole displayed in a virtual trade show booth. Safeguard, a division of Deluxe, approached us looking for a way to bring their customers into the mix and allow them to engage in their brand in a way that goes in depth into what they do and what they can do for their customers.

The 360º virtual showroom we built for them showcases their:
  • Products
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Team and Community
  • Various Printed and Video Assets
Their own viewer feedback survey shows that:
  • 91% of viewers had a good, very good or excellent experience (47% said excellent experience)
  • 91% of viewers provided their contact info to be kept informed of future updates
  • 73% of viewers said they are likely or extremely likely to come back (41% said extremely likely)
  • “Very engaging and kept my attention”
  • “It was very informative and easy to follow along with the flow of the content.”
  • “The Graphics are amazing, and you do so much more than I realized.”