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Pricing and Details

BoothView 360 Pricing for Trade Show Exhibitors

BoothView 360 pricing includes a number of features that will convert your trade show investment into an online, 360-degree digital booth experience. BoothView 360 provides a full screen, HTML5 driven, mobile ready, immersive experience that incorporates our award winning 360˚ photography with your existing marketing and multimedia elements. With embedded hotspot links right within the 360 rotatable image, clients are able to link to the latest digital marketing materials, press releases or videos. Please see BoothView 360 pricing below.

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$6750.00 plus travel expenses*

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What's Included?
Each BoothView 360 Tour includes:

  • Up to 6 professionally produced 360˚ images
  • Up to 30 [tooltip content=”Hotspots can be used to display any types of existing content such as:
    • Simple Text Only
    • Videos (from your YouTube or Vimeo channels)
    • Still Photos (an image that you supply)
    • Photo Galleries (several images that you supply)
    • Navigation (jump from one area of the booth to another
    • Social media feeds (your Twitter or Facebook presence)
    – all from right from within the pano image. Very useful for pointing to your existing marketing materials, product demos, detailed photos, etc as shown in your booth.”]Interactive Hotspots[/tooltip] included | See Hotspot Details
  • Built in [tooltip content=”With our newest code, We now include unified programming for both desktop and mobile platforms with a seamless look and feel across all devices with fully advanced feature parity.”]Mobile friendly HTML5 programming[/tooltip]
  • [tooltip content=”We can provide detailed analytics data from within the virtual tours sent right to weekly, monthly or whatever you need.  We can even provide tracking for each hotspot click.”]Google Analytics[/tooltip] available on all Nexus Tours
  • [tooltip content=”Our system allows you to incorporate links throughout your existing website to open the tour to ANY 360 as the start image.
    i.e. – If you have different product lines represented in your booth, you can open the BoothView 360 tour directly into that section.”]Deep Linking[/tooltip] available on all Nexus MultiMedia Tours
  • [tooltip content=”Our hosting is provided through Amazon Web Services and managed by Virtually Anywhere.”]Hosting Included[/tooltip]
Are there additional add-ons available?
Additional add-ons available:

  • [tooltip content=”Pricing is for images shot at same scheduled time as original images.”]Additional 360˚ images[/tooltip] ($325/per image)
  • Additional hotspots ($50/per)
  • [tooltip content=”We can professionally produce Voiceover audio for you. Full Audio production can include:
    • Auditioning talent
    • Directing from your script
    • Talent fees
    • Sound engineering & studio fees
    – Please inquire for a separate quote on these services”]Soundtrack or voiceover production[/tooltip] (inquire)
  • [tooltip content=”This self-running video is created from the images shot on your virtual tour. We convert the 360 images to a video format, then script timed movement, and can add a combination of still images, titles and full panoramic images all using movement. It is available with voiceover and other production extras via quote.”]Video Montage[/tooltip] ($2500 per 3 to 5 minute project)  – See this page for more details and examples.
  • [tooltip content=”The photography is composed and shot specifically for 360 degree use within the virtual tours, but the resolution is high enough to convert and output specific views for print, electronic, or other still photo uses.”]Derivative Works[/tooltip] ($125 per view for one time basic use, $250 per view for unlimited use; $45 conversion fee (applies to all views extracted)
How about the benefits of BoothView 360?
Exhibitor Benefits of our BoothView 360 Platform:

  • Extend the life of your tradeshow investment far beyond the tradeshow
  • Introduce a new experience to your customers, and your sales team
  • Integrate your existing [tooltip content=”Hotspot links to your existing marketing materials, all tied together through your website.”]digital marketing assets[/tooltip] directly with your biggest budget item
  • Archive your tradeshow design investment

Please note: The above turnkey price includes all design, photography, programming, and delivery to your server. Regular travel expenses to one location are included in pricing (in continental US only) if signed quote and 1/3 deposit is received 3 weeks in advance of shoot date. Otherwise, prices are subject to additional travel expenses. Travel or shooting on weekends or holidays will incure additional expense. Purchase price includes irrevocable, worldwide license for use of all u201cWorksu201d within the branded virtual tour, as delivered, subject to our Terms and Conditions. Price does not include rights to create derivative works based on the deliverables. See Derivative Works Pricing Schedule below for fees associated with additional usage of Works outside the virtual tour.

Features Include

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