Integration to Your Site

Best Practices

Here’s Some Help Adding the Tour to Your Site

Use a Fancy-Box Overlay to display tour - Recommended
We have designed the tour to have all necessary navigation, so we now recommend (as our preferred method) opening the tour in a fancy box overlay or modal window that floats over your main website. Your content management system may have this feature built in, or as a simple plugin.

Here is an example done that way using “Easy Fancybox” on the WordPress platform:

Example 1 – Museum Highlights Tour

Fancy box or Modal Windows is a very common way to add elements to a website. This method works well on desktop “right out of the box”, but make sure to implement in such a fashion to allow for a direct link for mobile devices.

Popup window
As we said above, We have designed the tour to have all necessary navigation, so opening the tour as a separate “child” or popup window that floats over your main website works well too.  Your content management system may have a simple plugin for this.

We use this simple JavaScript that will open to any size you specify and center the window in the browser.  Here are instructions:

In “code view” of your page, add this inside the ‘head’ tag of your document:


Then create your link wherever you need to on your page(s):


Click to Open Tour


Remember to replace the URL_HERE with the actual location of the tour.

Home Page Graphics
In all cases we have heard back from clients a huge traffic metrics when that client has added a graphic on their home page to launch the tour directly. (generally 10:1 ratios when compared to any other page/feature loaded on main site).

Here are a few examples:

Hurley Medical Center
UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital
Saint Josephs University
HealthShare Symposium

Separate Landing Page to Launch Multiple Tours
This works well when a client has several virtual tour modules from us and all can be launched from one page.  Generally works best with a graphic on the homepage or main navigation pushes to this 2nd level page.

Some examples:

Main Navigation
Other clients choose to add their tour launch links in their main navigation which can be available on every page of their site.  We feel that this is good, but still we recommend having some kind of graphic launch “button” to draw attention to the fact that you proudly show a virtual tour of your facility.
Deep Links - Very Important
This additional method promotes showing specific images from specialized areas on your site.  We can provide you with individual links that open the tour window to ANY image within that tour.  For example, you have a general hospital tour with 10 images.  Let’s say the 4th image may be the ER.  Well, from your specific ER webpage on your main site, you could add a graphic or link that says “Take a Tour of the ER”.  That link then opens the virtual tour window directly into the ER.

See this innovative use of deep linking:

Launch from your Own Campus Map
Many of our clients have their own campus maps already  We also now offer a way for you to use the map or floor plan embedded in the tour to use OUTSIDE the tour window.  That can now be put onto your webpages as a way to externally launch the tour.

See this example with Convention Center Floor Plan

View inline on your page using an iframe
Some ask how the tour files can be integrated directly into a single page on their website.  This can be accomplished using an iframe embedded into the page, but we warn that the tour is designed to be AT LEAST 1000 pixels wide by 700 pixels tall.  We also suggest using a script that will resize down for mobile devices as well.  This is very important as to make sure that all the navigation elements in the mobile version display properly.

See this example inline on a page using an iframe

Additional Methods - Email Blasts
Several of our university and college clients have told us that they regularly send email blasts to their entire mailing lists out to announce their tours when they are added to the website.  Many of those clients have us come back and add more images later, or add new features and they will send update emails to announce that as well.
Additional Methods - Cross Marketing
Many of our hospital clients will utilize their other forms of marketing to cross over and push viewers to the virtual tours via broadcast and print.  That promotes a measurable impact of the tours and allows a marketing message to convert over from various marketing formats.


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