Answers. To the most frequently asked questions.

What is the whole process start to finish? How can we prepare?
Contact us directly and we can provide a helpful document/checklist that will help in preparations for the shoot, and let you understand the entire procedure start to finish.
Do you host the tours, or can we put them on our server?
Because of the intricate functionality of our tours, we now host and manage all the tours we create.  That is currently included within the price.
Do you have a 'prep sheet' for how to prepare before the shoot?
Yes. Contact us directly and we can supply you with this.
What browser technology does your system use?
Our newest virtual tours are all programmed using HTML5 and Javascript technology to include functionality on iPads and iPhones as well in a single version.
How do the hotspots work?

Hotspot Functionality:

The hotspots are a way to embed more detailed information right inside a 360 image.  We can program the hotspots to do many things such as:

– all from right from within the pano image. Very useful for pointing intricate features of your environment, and keeping updated event oriented details displayed.

What about audio files? If we are delivering audio files for you to incorporate, what format do we need to supply them in?
Each image would have it’s own separate audio file, so for a 10 shot tour, we would expect to receive 10 separate digital audio files.  We prefer to receive these as .wav files (44100 mhz. stereo) and we will compress them as needed.  Please name the files something relevant to the naming of the images for easier tracking.  If you are considering our Video Montage option, then please also consider making a lead-in and lead-out audio script.
Here is an excellent blog post about copyrights and the internet.
This excellent post from photographer Francis Vachon of Canada clarifies issues that come up constantly regarding copyright and image protection on the internet.  Please read “10 Bogus Excuses that People Use When They Steal a Photo from the Internet”.