Upgrade to the Nexus HTML5 Platform

Bring new life to your old tour!

Upgrade your existing (pre 2016) Virtually Anywhere tour to our newest and most advanced and mobile-ready virtual tour platform yet. Adobe recently announced the end of life for Flash technology.

Our fully responsive HTML5 platform is loaded with a ton of features designed to help our customers get [tooltip content=”Let us combine our award winning 360˚ photography with your existing digital marketing and multimedia elements right into the context and flow of the tour to keep the 360 tour current and fresh”]tremendous benefit[/tooltip] from our virtual tours.

In most cases, we can re-build a brand new tour using the existing 360° images (and hotspot content if used), so our current customers can immediately take advantage of the the features and benefits listed below.

What are the Benefits?
Key Benefits of the Nexus HTML5 Platform:

  • Better User Experience  – faster loads, feature parity across devices, modern interface design
  • Increased Tour Usage & Traffic – more access points into your tour from more webpages, with Deep Links
  • ADA Compliant – with WCAG 2.0AA and Section 508 accessibility standards and guidelines.
  • Visitors & Marketers Can Share Individual Images  – via Facebook, Twitter, Email or by copy and pasting any image link.
  • Insights Into Marketing Effectiveness – regular Google Analytics reports delivered automatically
  • No Annual Hosting Fees – speaks for itself!
What's Included?

Each Nexus Multimedia Tour includes:

  • All [tooltip content=”With our newest code, We now include unified programming for both desktop and mobile platforms with a seamless look and feel across all devices with fully advanced feature parity.”]HTML5[/tooltip] code – No Flash plugin needed.  (End of life for Flash coming up)
  • Free [tooltip content=”Our hosting is provided through Amazon Web Services and managed by Virtually Anywhere.”]Hosting Included[/tooltip]
  • Advanced [tooltip content=”With our built-in Google Analytics Plugin, we can provide detailed analytics data from within the virtual tours right to your existing GA reports, regardless of where the tours are hosted.  We can even provide tracking for each hotspot click.”]Google Analytics Reporting[/tooltip] delivered periodically with simplified results for faster analysis
  • ADA Compliant with WCAG 2.0AA and Section 508 accessibility standards and guidelines.  An independent 3rd party evaluation and “VPAT” certificate is available upon request.
  • “Share” feature for Social Media and Email
  • [tooltip content=”Our system allows you to incorporate links throughout your site to open the tour to ANY 360 as the start image.  That is called deep-linking and we provide instructions for incorporating that on your individual web pages.  Ask us about a demo of that feature.”]Deep Linking[/tooltip] to open tour into any image as starting image
  • Multi-resolution system allows for faster loading, and more nimble operation on all devices
  • Sleeker modern interface design that scales from desktop to mobile in a single version
  • Modular platform design allows for simplified feature, design, and code updates as we roll them out, or as you need them
  • Optional Autoplay for Video Hotspots (upon opening the tour or entry to next stop on a tour)
  • Optional Nested navigation design allows for more concise categorization and departmentalization of tour images
What About 'Add-Ons?'
Additional add-ons available for Nexus HTML5 MultiMedia Tour:

  • [tooltip content=”Hotspots can be used to display any types of existing content such as:
    • Text Only
    • Videos
    • Still Photos
    • Photo Galleries
    • Navigation
    • Social media feeds
    – all from right from within the pano image. Very useful for pointing intricate features of your environment, and keeping updated event oriented details displayed.”]Interactive Hotspots added[/tooltip] ($50/each) |  See Hotspot Details and Examples tour
  • [tooltip content=”We can professionally produce Voiceover audio for you. Full Audio production can include:
    • Auditioning talent
    • Directing from your script
    • Talent fees
    • Sound engineering & studio fees
    – Please inquire for a separate quote on these services”]Soundtrack or voiceover production[/tooltip] (inquire)
  • [tooltip content=”This self-running video is created from the images shot on your virtual tour. We convert the 360 images to a video format, then script timed movement, and can add a combination of still images, titles and full panoramic images all using movement. It is available with voiceover and other production extras via quote.”]Video Montage[/tooltip] ($2500 per 3 to 5 minute project)  – See this page for more details and examples.
  • [tooltip content=”The photography is composed and shot specifically for 360 degree use within the virtual tours, but the resolution is high enough to convert and output specific views for print, electronic, or other still photo uses.”]Derivative Works[/tooltip] ($125 per view for one time basic use, $250 per view for unlimited use; $45 conversion fee (applies to all views extracted)
  • Additional interactive maps or floor plans (inquire)


What makes a great virtual tour?

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